Results of the Basilisk Cup 2016

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Kids U12:

  1. KIMURA Tadeu, Budokan Zürich
  2. SPILAREWICZ Finn, Katana Frankfurt
  3. STECK Joshua, TSK Basel & HECHT Kilian, Budoschule Luzern


Kids U15:

  1. DOSCH Quentin, Kendo Strassbourg
  2. GLOOR Leandro, Ken Shin Kan Olten
  3. WINDHÖVEL Robert, TSK Basel & ZELTNER Amarin, Budokan Zürich



  1. Budokan Zürich 1
  2. Olten & St. Gallen
  3. Katana Frankfurt & TSK Basel 1



  1. ULLI Demian, Budokan Zürich
  2. AKTÜRK Muhammed Serdar, Katana Frankfurt
  3. AHMED Bashar Kh, Ken Shin Kan Olten & KIPFER Patrick, Budoschule Luzern



  1. BUOB Camille, Budokan Lausanne
  2. ORASCH Veronika, Ten Do Kan Aarau
  3. BELLIVIER Laure,SDK Genève & KOLLER Selina, Budoschule Luzern



  1. ROTHACHER Yannik, Buokan Zürich
  2. OHNO Hiroyuki, Katana Frankfurt
  3. KRÖBL Chris, Buokan Zürich & KUMPF Roberto, Katana Frankfurt


Thank you again to all participants and helpers of the past Basilisk Cup! Hope to see you all next year! Pics are HERE.

Basilisk Cup 2016

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Saturday, February 27, 2016:
Children Tournament (> = 2001) / Team Tournament (5 fighters, <= 2000) – Beginning 11:00
Hall opening at 10:00

In the evening we will go together have dinner at ZicZac (menu).
Shimpans who do not fight themselves are invited to dinner. If anyone needs a place to stay, please specify under comments!

Sunday, February 28th 2016:
Individual Competitions (Mixed Kyu / Ladies / Mixed Dan) – start 9:00
Incl. a lunch bag
Hall opening in 8:00

We run a booth with coffee, Mineral & cake
Sundays (Open / Ladies) is a lunch bag included

Children tournament = CHF 5.- | Team only = CHF 15.- | Open/Ladies only (incl. lunch bag) = 20.- | Team & Open/Ladies (incl. lunch bag on sunday)= 30.-
Reduction for fighting Shimpans (both days) = -10.-
Payment is made at the on-site registration.