Results of the Basilisk Cup 2018

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Please excuse the late post! It was a wonderful tournament with many great fights.
Many thanks again to all participants and all helpers!

We hope to see you again next year at the latest!

Kids U12:

  1. KIMURA Tadeu, Budokan Zürich
  2. HATA Tetsuya, SDK Genève
  3. HECHT Marco, Budoschule Luzern & KRAMMER Kaori Kimberleigh, Budokan Zürich

⇒ Fighting Spirit: HATA Tetsuya, SDK Genève

Kids U15:

  1. SPILAREWICZ Finn, Katana Frankfurt e.V.
  2. KIMURA Tadeu, Budokan Zürich
  3. GEIGER Jonathan, Budokan Zürich & KIMURA Thais, Budokan Zürich

⇒ Fighting Spirit: STECK Joshua, TSK Basel
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  1. Kimchi Express
  2. Budokan Zürich 1
  3. Tomon Mita
    Budokan Zürich 2



  1. HEHNER Paris, Budokan Lausanne
  2. KOLLER Erik, Budoschule Luzern
  3. BILECEN Erol, TSK Basel & GELDMACHER Carl, Kendo Club St. Gallen



  1. KUMPF Sabrina, Ten Do Kan Aarau
  2. BELLIVIER Laure, SDK Genève
  3. HOKARI Marina, Budokan Lausanne & KERANOVIC Melissa, Ten Do Kan Aarau



  1. KRÖBL Chris, Budokan Zürich
  2. KOZAKI Genta, PSV Mainz
  3. KLEIN Luca, Kendo Dojo Offenburg & ROTHACHER Yannick, Budokan Zürich


Registration for the Basiliskcup 2018 is open!

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Dear fellow Kendokas

The registration for the Basiliskcup 2018 from march 17th / 18th is open!
Please register by Sunday, march 11th via this form:

Saturday, March 17th 2018
Kids tournament: >= 2003 – with enough registrations age-specific tables are held
Team competition: 5 fighters, recommended <2003
Start: 11:00 h, hall opens at 10:00 h

In the evening we will eat together, please register.
Shimpan (> 3rd Dan), who do not fight, and external assistants will be invited for dinner on saturday!

Sunday, March 18th 2018 
Individual Contests (Mixed Kyu / Ladies / Mixed Dan) – Start: 09:00
Dojo opens at 08:00

Kids tournament = CHF 5 .- / EUR 4.50
Only team = CHF 10 .- / EUR 9
Only Open / Ladies (including lunch pack) = CHF 25 .- / EUR 23
Team & Open / Ladies (including lunch package on Sunday) = CHF 30 .- / EUR 27
You pay when you register on the spot.

Shimpan & Assistants:
Please sign up here:

We are looking forward to a great tournament! Please forward to other interested Kendokas!


Facebook-Event: click here!