Results of the Basilisk Cup 2017

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Many thanks to all the participants and all the helpers! We hope to see you again next year! Pictures can be found in the gallery


Basilisk Cup 2017: Kids & Juniors

Kids U12:

  1. GEIGER Naima, Budokan Zürich
  2. KIMURA Tadeu, Budokan Zürich
  3. HECHT Marco, Budoschule Luzern
    BILECEN Kerim, TSK Basel


Kids U15:

  1. RENZ Theo, Budokan Zürich
  2. KIMURA Thais, Budokan Zürich
  3. KOLLER Erik, Budoschule Luzern
    ZELTNER Amarin, Budokan Zürich



Basilisk Cup 2017: Teams


  1. Budokan Zürich 1
  2. TSK Basel 1
  3. Ten Do Kan & Friends
    Budokan Lausanne 2



Basilisk Cup 2017: Opem


  1. BILECEN Erol, TSK Basel
  2. SCHWENDIMANN Basil, TSK Basel
  3. GUT Markus, Budokan Zürich
    RODRIGUES Ricardo, Budoschule Luzern



  1. BELLIVIER Laure, SDK Genève
  2. KRÖBL Aya, Budokan Zürich
  3. KERANOVIC Melissa, Ten Do Kan Aarau
    HOKARI Marina, Katana Frankfurt/Budokan Lausanne



  1. PIPOLA David, TSK Basel
  2. KIMURA Oscar, Budokan Zürich
  3. SCHOCH Mathieu, TSK Basel
    KERANOVIC Melissa, Ten Do Kan Aarau



Basilisk Cup 2017 in the finish line!

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This weekend the Basiliskcup 2017 takes place. As mentioned before, it will take place again near the SBB station in the gym of the Margarethenschulhaus.

A total of 92 Kendokas have registered:

10 at the Kids tournament U12
15 at the Juniors tournament U15
54 at the Team tournament
20 at the Kyu-Open
34 at the Dan-Open
15 at Ladies-Open

We are looking forward to a great tournament!